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The Engine Shed is now closed. We have left these original pages of the website as a record of our work.

Training for Work

Our training is specifically designed to help young people with learning disabilities move into paid work.

Jobs in the City

From the outset we identified the catering, retail and wholesale sectors as growth industries in Edinburgh and identified jobs such as kitchen assistant, catering assistant and store keeper which would be suitable for our trainees. These are still important sectors in the city and the Engine Shed is very much geared to equipping trainees with the skills needed to move into these positions.

To help this process we have extensive links with local employers who provide work placements for the trainees and who give us feedback about the opportunities available and the skills required.

Work Placements

Work placements are a hugely important part of the whole process.  Trainees start a one day a week work placement outside the Engine Shed usually around six months after they join us.  Our Training Manager is in constant touch with the placement providers to monitor progress and check if these could turn into paid employment in time.  Our Training Manager plays an important role as link between the Engine Shed and the outside world, both in terms of recruiting and inducting new trainees and liaising with placement providers and potential employers.