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The Engine Shed is now closed. We have left these original pages of the website as a record of our work.


Tofu is a great source of protein for vegetarians and our tofu is hand-made, 100% organic and of a very high quality.  It is in great demand and we not only sell it direct to specialist shops and restaurants in Edinburgh and at the Farmer's Market stall every Saturday, but also through wholesaler Green City Wholefoods who distribute it throughout Scotland, from Shetland in the north to Dumfries and Galloway in the south.

Making Tofu

Customers are always curious about how tofu is actually made.  In simple terms, it has a lot of similarities to cheese making, but instead of milk it uses soya milk created from boiling up soya beans and straining the resulting liquid.  This is curdled using a natural substance derived from seaweed then pressed into blocks and left overnight.

Some of the tofu is left plain but we also make our own marinade for marinated tofu and have a smokehouse where we place some of the blocks to give them a lovely smokey flavour.  The whole process is very physically demanding for staff and trainees alike but it is extremely satisfying to create such a quality product.

What our customers say

Henderson's vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh uses our tofu all the time.  They say, "It is a really good quality tofu. The tofu appears in lots of different guises, including sandwiches, and we use it very successfully in salads.  One of our most popular ones is a bean sprout salad with peppers and smoked tofu.  It's lovely; really, really good".