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The Engine Shed is now closed. We have left these original pages of the website as a record of our work.

Examples of Donations

Engine Shed Supporters

The Engine Shed touches people in ways which we only discover when they get in touch to give us money they have raised.  Here are the stories of just some of the people who have given so generously:

In Memory of Duncan Gibbon

Duncan Gibbon was an Edinburgh University Student who died tragically in 2011 at the age of only 21 after a night out with friends.  Duncan was a regular customer of the Engine Shed who loved coming here and got to know a lot of our trainees.  His family have remained in regular contact with us and decided they wanted to honour his memory by doing something for the Engine Shed.

They have collected over £6,000 between fundraising events and through family and friends donating smaller amounts via our donate system.  The last donation was £400 from a fundraising event by Duncan's friends at the end of 2013.  We have used this money to upgrade IT equipment in the conference room and towards other small items of equipment.

St Peter's Church Newington

St Peter's Church in Newington, one of the local churches near the Engine Shed, has recently developed a link with us.  Our CEO Marian MacDonald gave a talk to a group there in July 2013 and they now look on us as part of their community.  They have already given us £150 from a small fundraising event and have an upcoming quiz night and will be giving us the money from this too.  Being part of their community has brought other links: a group organising a concert in St Peter's is splitting the proceeds between the Engine Shed and another charity, Waverly Care.

Teenage Charity Ball

One of the parents involved in a fundraising committee for Fettes College put the Engine Shed forward as a beneficiary for one of their events.  The College hosts an Annual Teenage Charity Ball each December with around 350 young people between the ages of 13 and 17 attending.  They profits are usually shared between two children/young people's charities and the Engine Shed was one of their chosen charities for the 2013 event.  We received £1,700 and have been asked to use this for the trainees.  We hope to organise some social and training activities over the summer.

A Quiet Sit Down

Maggie Hamilton and her husband used to visit the Engine Shed together for many years.  After the death of her husband Maggie gave us a donation to buy the bench situated outside the front door.  Maggie still visits, usually at Festival time, and likes to sit on the bench.  Our trainees use the bench all the time, as do many customers, particularly when the sun shines.

Out of the Blue

In June 2013 we received a donation of £1,000 out of the blue from a customer who had visited the Engine Shed.

We are grateful for all these donations and would like to thank everyone for their generosity.